We see a positive change taking place in the industry. Curators of film and visual media are putting authentic creativity first, and we mirror this approach in every aspect of our purpose. Our catalog is curated with a focused intention to assist you in supporting your musical identify. With 30 years of creative success, we confidently provide efficient and stress free attention to supervisors in their time of need. We like to inspire and be inspired. It's who we are. It's what we love to do. Let's do something cool together.

David Elliott Johnson


David’s reputation both as a world renowned drummer supporting the biggest names in rock, pop, country, and jazz, and as a Multi-Platinum award winning producer and songwriter, is second to none. With his deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, his creative successes have rewarded him a global audience reach of nearly 1.3 billion. He believes above all that artists should be treated fairly and should always reap the rewards of their creativity. 


David founded Gear Kids out of a desire to maximize the potential of his catalog on his own terms. After years of self-administered Top 5 and #1 hits in a variety of countries, he recently opened up the offering of services to his most prolific and inspiring creative friends. Much like his own, their catalogs are filled with honest, emotional, and authentic works. .These traits are what define Gear Kids. 


For 30 years, David has been placing and licensing his works beyond the capacity of his catalog representatives. He feels it is time to take his musical offerings back into his own hands. GearKids Creative is a collective of genuine industry leaders helping the community to prosper and continue in its confident growth.